Cookies for Justice!
Campaign has ended. Goal $500.00
Lisa Murakami
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As you're reading this, children all over the world are being trafficked for sex - repeatedly raped as a daily reality of their precious lives. If that's jarring to you, it should be! Please join me in trying to do what we can about these horrors by purchasing a box of cookies (if you're local) or donating to my annual campaign to raise $500 for IJM. I've done my research and IJM is a top-rated charity. It focuses on rescuing and caring for victims, bringing perpetrators to justice, and also providing aid for others of the worst human rights violations of our time including non-sexual (labor) slavery and providing legal counsel to those who cannot afford it. The holidays are a fun time to give gifts, but here's a way to make them more about the *real* meaning of the season... bringing light to the world... let's be that light and let's help those who are in desperate need.

100% of all donations to this campaign will support the work of International Justice Mission, a human rights agency that is bringing rescue and freedom to victims of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violence.

IJM investigators, lawyers and aftercare staff are on the frontlines of the fight for justice in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In 2011 alone, IJM partnered with local authorities to rescue more than 1,600 children, women and men from sex trafficking, forced labor slavery and other violent oppression, and helped put more than 100 slave-owners, traffickers and rapists behind bars.

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